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Look at these Sample Rates of Our Satisfied Clients... then Request YOUR Quote!

Miami-Dade County $250,000 Homeowners Coverage. Masonry Home built in 2002, $2,5000 Deductible / 2% Wind: ONLY $1,279.00 per year!

Orange County/Orlando $200,000 Homeowners Coverage. Masonry Home built in 1995, $1,000 Deductible / 2% Wind:  ONLY $787.00 per year!

Broward County $300,000 Homeowners Coverage. Masonry Home built in 2010, $2,5000 Deductible / 2% Wind:  ONLY $1,311.00 per year!

Palm Beach County $350,000 Homeowners Coverage. Masonry Home built in 2000, $2,500 Deductible / 2% Wind:  ONLY $1,428.00 per year!

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